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Henry Bermudez & Michelle Marcuse

Flight Plan: Drawings on Paper and Leaf
April 3 - April 26, 2014
Opens Thursday, April 3, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Denise Bibro Fine Art/Platform

Henry Bermudez & Michelle Marcuse,

Denise Bibro Fine Art, 529 W 20th St. NYC, is pleased to announce Philadelphia-based artists, Henry Bermudez and Michelle Marcuse’s two person solo exhibition, Flight Plan: Drawings on Paper and Leaf.

Bermudez’s paintings are inspired by his journeys to the Amazon and his Venezuelan background, deriving images and iconography from the cultural intersection of pre-Columbian, Christian, and ancient myths, and religions and legends. His work arises from the memories and dreams of his travels, where a rich surrealist atmosphere intertwines with the mythology of complex jungle cultures that exist in a living primordial world.

Marcuse’s works are the dreamed aftermath of a mystical and transcendental occurrence. She finds movement within a concentration of forces existing in activated silence, and as a result, fluctuates between unfathomable peace, playfulness, grim darkness, misery, and corruption. Her drawings ascend from the world of dreams and fears embodied in fairy tales, utopias, and dystopias.

Henry Bermudez has had an extensive career, having solo exhibitions not only in the U.S., but in Europe and South America, including most recently, the Contemporary Art Museum of Sulia, Maracaibo, Vz, and Mason Murer Fine Art, Atlanta, Georgia. He was included in the XLII Biennale di Venezia – Venezuela’s Pavilion in Venice, Italy. He is included in substantial private and museum collections, including Venezuela National Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela, Venezuela Petroleum Company, Maracaibo, Venezuela, Museum of Contemporary Art Sofia Imber, Caracas, Venezuela, Modern Art Museum of Costa Rica, Costa Rica, Museum of Art A Ralli, Punte Del Este, Uruguay, Heinz Industry, Art Collection, Caracas, Venezuela, Harry Manil Art Collection, Caracas, Venezuela.

Michelle Marcuse has had numerous exhibitions, including her most recent solo exhibitions, Carrying the Dreamer at Mason Murer Fine Art, Atlanta, GA and at LGTripp Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. She has received notices in the New American Paintings, Mid-Atlantic, juror Jenelle Porter from the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania, Art Matters, PA and the Philadelphia Inquirer, PA to name a few. Among the collections, her work is included at the College of Notre Dame, Baltimore, MD, the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, Philadelphia, PA, the State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA, and the Bangkok Collection, Cultural Fiber, United States Embassy, Bangkok, Thailand.


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