Miami is and has always been a great inspiration for Michael Loveland. His latest works have found clarity from years of constant experimentation with urban artifacts that form a visual vocabulary. Inspired by chance encounters with such mundane objects as dirty and cluttered storefront windows, road signs and delivery truck skins, the artist finds interest in their unassuming imperfections, of decay and condition, which all find a place within his finished pieces. The collecting and categorizing of their shape and color are the first steps in the creation of this body of work.

Loveland has started to introduce discarded glass panes to his repertoire in order to add an extra layer of information, both figuratively and literally. By designing a new way of displaying these collaged and manipulated relics, Loveland has opened up a dynamic dialogue with what he finds and what is actually presented on the wall within a gallery setting. For example, the window frames surrounding the selected items are structured after the various windows found at upscale designer shops such as Tiffany’s &Co., ROLEX and Cartier. In essence the artwork appears to be protected, exalted and in some ways prestigious, all which toy with notions of commerce and levels of wealth.


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Michael Loveland (2008)

Michael Loveland

Crushing Bows

Crushing Bows, 2008

Bows and Arrows

Bows and Arrows, 2006


33, 2006


Crown, 2006


Moonshine, 2006

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