“I think art is like an open field with long grass. There aren’t any rules about what you can do in a field usually. But whatever it is, it won’t be like what anyone else does.

Art is very quiet, even when it makes noise. It is easy to become distracted and pay attention to other things. There is no apparent reason not to turn away from art. It demands initiative and it is easy to be lazy.

Art’s purpose is to help elevate our powers of perception to extend beyond familiar areas of observations, most specifically toward a more productive understanding of time and other people. Our senses extend outward always and intermingle with each other and with the environment. Art is a constellation of surfaces, objects, sounds or images.

I understand my art as communicating the sum of what I know at any one time, which changes and makes it hard to pin down.

I try to allow uncertainty into my work as much as possible. Life is uncertain and so painting should be, too. I don’t believe in painting’s being prescribed. I expect to be surprised."

-Ben La Rocco, February 2009


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Ben La Rocco

Where Airplanes Land

Where Airplanes Land, 2009

Grains of Beauty

Grains of Beauty, 2009


Constellation, 2008


Void, 2008

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