“I investigate my physical and psychological reality by creating drawings and sculpture that relate to my existence in terms of memory and emotion. My interest in religious iconography and universal concepts such as life, death, love, and sorrow become intertwined with my personal narrative. The result fuses together my tangible, day-to-day existence with the metaphysical. Because the work develops slowly over the course of weeks, months, or years, the specific figures and landscapes depicted contain a strong element of transfiguration and metamorphosis. One figure that develops over the course of a month may contain a history of many disparate ideas, emotions and processes that work collectively to form a new whole. I am interested in how a subject reveals itself over time rather than how that subject looks during any particular moment. I work with materials such as paper and fabric because they record this process with an honest and unforgiving nature that lays bare every cut of the knife, mark of the pen or stain of the wash.”

-Christopher Davison

resume (word)


blogpix (2009)

Christopher Davison


Polliwog, 2009

Gallipolis Storm

Gallipolis Storm, 2008

Artist Book

Artist Book, 2007

Black and White Figure

Black and White Figure, 2006

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