“My work is an exploration of relations that reside in the constant flux of pure sensory events. I am interested in the interaction between the painting and the viewer’s imagination and experience; in the painting’s catalytic potency – its ability to generate unspecified mobile meaning.

Color operates in the paintings and in the world as a kind of pure energy, dynamic, capricious, evocative. The surfaces emphasize the sensual rather than analytical nature of process, and attest to the pervasive presence of time. Within the structure of the paintings, archetypal dualities of male/female, earth/sky, internal/external are inevitably implied; not as opposing forces, but as interdependent aspects of an animate whole.

I am trying to build, out of color and substance, a place for the viewer’s consciousness – where unexpected associations and resonances may occur, and the stuff of life, love and desire has corporeal presence – states of being, embodied in paint."

-Steven Alexander, 2009

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Steven Alexander

Untitled 2

Untitled 2, 2008

The Primrose Path

The Primrose Path, 2007

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