Shack Geometry

“This past summer, I spent Mondays in Beacon, NY, working quietly in a solitary
4’ x 5’ shack. I had heard of a project called “Habitat for Artists” from Chris Albert, a blogger I met during the Blogger Conference at the Red Dot Fair. “Habitat For Artists” was organized by artist Simon Draper, who built 12 small sheds on the grounds of Spire Studios and invited a group of artists to use them for the summer. Traveling to Beacon was more time-consuming than working in one stationary location, and even though I painted less on days spent there, as my world expanded, my work grew richer.

Exploring Beacon’s larger artistic community had an unexpected aesthetic bonus. At the beginning of the year, I was entering a transitional phase, unsure where I was going but certain that the discipline of daily practice would lead somewhere. Visiting Dia: Beacon and seeing installations by colorists Blinky Palermo and Imi Knoebel, I began to consider color. Dia, known more for their unadorned serial sculptures and installations by Minimalist masters like Richard Serra and Donald Judd, is certainly an odd place to discover color, but as the summer unfolded I overcame my chromophobia and, starting in my shack, extended the limited, austere palette I’d been using for years to include the entire spectrum.

This series of small paintings is the result of my time spent in Beacon."

-Sharon Butler, January 2009


resume (word)


blogpix (2009)

Sharon Butler

Siding 1

Siding 1, 2008

Siding 3

Siding 3, 2008

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