“I have long been fascinated by the expressive power of simple geometric shapes. These immutable forms are known to us on a deep level; as such, they are richly evocative. In non-objective art, they can function as familiar signposts that ease our passage into novel visual terrain.

In the paintings from my ongoing Composition series, right-angled shapes arise from an underlying matrix of small, same-sized squares. This implicit grid governs the space with its harmonious order: all shapes and intervals derive from it and thus are proportionally related to one another.

From the stability and symmetry of the grid, I develop compositions that are asymmetrical and dynamically balanced. The space is destabilized as similarities and contrasts of color, size, and location create tension and movement among the shapes. With continued viewing, shapes appear to realign and re-cluster into changing networks of relations. A precarious and shifting order prevails, but its rules remain elusive."

-Julie Karabenick, 2009



blogpix (2009)

Julie Karabenick

Composition 76

Composition 76, 2008

Composition 71

Composition 71, 2007

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