Denise Bibro Fine Art, 529 West 20th Street, 4W, Chelsea, NYC, is pleased to present Everywhere & Nowhere, on view in our project space, Platform, February 7 to March 6, 2008. Featuring the work of Amy Chan, Cheryl Molnar, and Karla Wozniak, who met during their undergraduate studies at Rhode Island School of Design, these artists share an affinity for depicting America’s ever-evolving architectural landscape, addressing issues such as the juxtaposition of the vernacular, natural, and imagined landscapes; the relationship of industrial development to historical sites; and the homogenizing effect of suburban sprawl.

Amy Chan’s works on paper utilize a gradated color field lithograph as a background. Executed in gouache, her landscapes are populated with vernacular architecture as well as fantastical structures resembling igloos, castles, or monumental arches. Repeated patterns and stylized forms are reminiscent of silhouette portraiture, as well as antique wallpaper and fabric designs. The work is at once nostalgic and romantic, yet often conveys a sense of impending danger. Chan is currently enrolled in the M.F.A. program at the Virginia Commonwealth University.

Cheryl Molnar’s mixed media works are a meditation on the changing landscape of New York City—the works may be representational, conflated, and/or imagined. Working with oil on paper and aluminum leaf on wood panel, Molnar explores the contrasting geometry created by industrial and residential architectural spaces. Her compositions encompass both futuristic structures, as well as remnants of historical material culture, such as the ubiquitous Air Stream trailer. Molnar received her M.F.A. from the Pratt Institute.

Karla Wozniak’s works on paper depict suburban sprawl, rendered in water color, acrylic and pencil on paper. These inter-changeable landscapes might depict the outskirts of any American city, featuring chain stores, hotels, and fast-food restaurants beckoning with glaring, over-sized polychrome signs. While the work points to the generic nature of the landscape, the artist’s gestural hand is clearly evident. Woznaik holds an M.F.A. from Yale University.

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Everywhere and Nowhere

Karla Wozniak, Cheryl Molnar, Amy Chan
February 7 - March 1, 2008
Opens February 7, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


WACK, Los Angeles, CA

Karla Wozniak, WACK, Los Angeles, CA, 2008

House of the Future

Cheryl Molnar, House of the Future, 2008

Lee Bridge

Amy Chan, Lee Bridge, 2007

Park Homes

Cheryl Molnar, Park Homes, 2007

Palace Inn

Karla Wozniak, Palace Inn, 2007

Golf Galaxy, Grand Rapids, MI

Karla Wozniak, Golf Galaxy, Grand Rapids, MI, 2007

Arlington Diner, North Arlington, NJ

Karla Wozniak, Arlington Diner, North Arlington, NJ, 2007

Mali Folly

Amy Chan, Mali Folly, 2007

Tredegar Iron Works

Amy Chan, Tredegar Iron Works, 2007


Amy Chan, Comet, 2007


Cheryl Molnar, Airstream, 2007

James River Trash

Amy Chan, James River Trash, 2007

Trail Blazer

Cheryl Molnar, Trail Blazer, 2007

Fireworks, I80, IN

Karla Wozniak, Fireworks, I80, IN, 2007

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