Denise Bibro Fine Art is pleased to present blogpix, organized by Olympia Lambert, on view March 5 – 28th, 2009 in our Platform Project Space. blogpix brings together four of today’s top art bloggers. Curators Roberta Fallon & Libby Rosof, Joanne Mattera and Hrag Vartanian each bring to the table an unparalled voice and writing style. As art lovers demand more topical coverage with added visuals, once-a-month review simply cannot compete with daily feedback, as the information superhighway has become 24/7 on demand full-access. blogpix is a dedicated showcase where the digital intersects the human. 2009 finds us a nation pressed for time, fed by instantaneous information on demand. From Twitter “tweets” to Facebook “status updates,” today’s internet is a rapid, ever-evolving pixelated organism made up of conjugal ones and zeroes. With the influence of art journalism’s printed media in decline, the art blogosphere is rapidly stepping up to fill the void. With their curatorial choices, our blogger curators spotlight six talented artists working in a variety of mediums and genres.

Fallon & Rosof’s artblog_ has been featured twice as one of the top art blogs in the U.S. by _Art in America. Their daily coverage since 2003 from their Philadelphia outpost boasts a readership from all over the world. Not merely focusing on just Philadelphia, the artblog covers exhibitions from Washington, D.C. and Chelsea, to Paris, London and Asia. Fallon & Rosof often spotlight young and emerging artists. For blogpix, they have chosen Philadelphia artist Christopher Davison. Davison’s works’ directly take on a relation of the body and its form, confronting the viewer with a humor that is both dark and devious in nature.

Joanne Mattera has been covering contemporary art on her blog since 2006. A well-regarded artist in her own right, Mattera’s focus is on reductive art with a concentration on saturated color. For blogpix, she has chosen three fellow bloggers—Sharon Butler, Steven Alexander, Julie Karabenick (editor of Geoform, a curated website which focuses on geometric abstraction), and Reese Inman, an artist who utilizes computer-programmed algorithms’ law of chance to play an active role in her paintings’ design and makeup. The works pulsate with energetic color and suggest motion, becoming an allegorical commentary on the electrifying nature of the continuous flow of data on the information superhighway.

A contributor to PBS’ Art21 blog, Hrag Vartanian also writes for The Brooklyn Rail_. Since his site’s launch in 2006, Vartanian has become a leading voice through his regular column _Re:Public covering New York street art on the highly acclaimed ArtCalZine. Vartanian’s thought-provoking coverage combines a focus on daily linkage to industry news, as well as critical review spotlighting new and emerging artists. For blogpix, he has chosen Brooklyn artist Ben La Rocco. La Rocco’s meticulously perfected surfaces combine color, motion, and shape. LaRocco’s touch is at once gentle and aggressive, bringing you in to his works’ celestial center.

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Curated by Joanne Mattera, Roberta Fallon & Libby Rosof and Hrag Vartanian.
March 5 - March 28, 2009
Opens March 5, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Where Airplanes Land

Ben La Rocco, Where Airplanes Land, 2009


Christopher Davison, Polliwog, 2009

Grains of Beauty

Ben La Rocco, Grains of Beauty, 2009

Remix III

Reese Inman, Remix III, 2009

Gallipolis Storm

Christopher Davison, Gallipolis Storm, 2008

Siding 1

Sharon Butler, Siding 1, 2008

Untitled 2

Steven Alexander, Untitled 2, 2008

Projection III

Reese Inman, Projection III, 2008


Ben La Rocco, Constellation, 2008


Ben La Rocco, Void, 2008

Composition 76

Julie Karabenick, Composition 76, 2008

Siding 3

Sharon Butler, Siding 3, 2008

Composition 71

Julie Karabenick, Composition 71, 2007

The Primrose Path

Steven Alexander, The Primrose Path, 2007

Artist Book

Christopher Davison, Artist Book, 2007

Black and White Figure

Christopher Davison, Black and White Figure, 2006

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