In the Therapy series, films such as Ordinary People (1980), The King’s Speech (2010), and the television series, In Treatment (2008), which all have assumed an importance in the artist’s personal narrative, convey the powerful dynamic between therapist and patient. Using film imagery as a point of departure, Silvera found that the evocative qualities of the therapy room are central to the story being told. The light of each room contrasts the interior world being explored, with the exterior world outside the room’s windows. Silvera elegantly simplifies the shapes and tonalities of each of her paintings, mirroring the variety of relationships and moods suggested. Each painting grapples with themes of revealing while concealing, and disconnection versus connection, while allowing both past and present to intertwine and linger.

Silvera began painting with the premise that white is the color of memory. Monochromatic images were painted over layered surfaces of blue, red, and brown to suggest a haunting or dream-like presence. Her most recent series continues the themes of the earlier works while experimenting with a broader palette, as well as using new material derived from the movie, The King’s Speech. Images from The King’s Speech are dominated by bright, arched windows that silhouette the figures against the outside light, suggesting possibility and anticipation.

Silvera’s paintings go beyond the dynamics between the specific therapist-patient relationships. They touch upon universal and archetypal truths that are inherent in the therapist-patient relationship as well as in anyone else.

Silvera has had solo exhibitions at 511 Gallery, NYC, Ratio Gallery, Bellport, LI and Gallery Boreas, Williamsburg, NY. Among the group exhibitions she has been included in are Edward Hopper House, Small Matters of Great Importance, Curated by Ken Carbone, Nyack, NY, Mexico City-Museo de la Cuidad de Mexico, Draw, Curated by Erik Foss and Curse Mackey, The Albright Knox Collectors Gallery, Buffalo, NY, Hudson County Arts Annual, Metropolitan Memories, Curated by Mara Jayne Miller, NJ, Phillips de Pury, Take Home a Nude, NYC, and Dahesh Museum, A New Generation, NYC. Silvera has also received numerous awards, grants and residencies affiliated with the Newington-Cropsey Foundation, Hastings-on-Hudson, National Sculpture Society, NYC, Vermont Studio Center, VT, Harriet Whitney Frishmuth Travel Award, National Academy of Design, NYC, etc. She is in many private and corporate collections including the Tullman Collection, Chicago, IL, The Clinton Presidential Center, Little Rock, AK, and Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. She has had several notices including the NY Times, Gotham Magazine, and, most recently, she is featured in the June, 2013 issue of the Art Connoisseur Magazine.

Therapy: Part Two

Viviane Silvera
May 16 - July 6, 2013
Opens May 16, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Installation Views

Therapy No. 17 (Cross Currents), 2011, acrylic on canvas, 30” x 40”

Therapy No. 17 (Cross Currents), 2011, acrylic on canvas, 30” x 40”


Therapy No. 8 (Waiting Room)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 8 (Waiting Room), 2011

Therapy No. 19 (Escape)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 19 (Escape), 2011-13

Therapy No. 20 (Unspoken)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 20 (Unspoken), 2013

Therapy No. 22 (Fluency)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 22 (Fluency), 2013

Therapy No. 26 (Await)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 26 (Await), 2013

Therapy No. 3 (Dream)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 3 (Dream), 2013

Therapy No. 31 (Reverie)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 31 (Reverie), 2013

Therapy No. 32 (Nothingness)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 32 (Nothingness), 2013

Therapy No. 33 (Being)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 33 (Being), 2013

Therapy No. 4 (Impasse) SOLD

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 4 (Impasse) SOLD, 2011

Therapy No. 5 (Center of Resistance)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 5 (Center of Resistance), 2011

Therapy No. 9 (Safe Passage)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 9 (Safe Passage), 2011

Therapy No.27 (Awaken)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No.27 (Awaken), 2013

Therqapy No. 28 (Imagined)

Viviane Silvera, Therqapy No. 28 (Imagined), 2013

Therapy No. 21 (Spoken)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 21 (Spoken), 2013

Therapy No. 23 (Join)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 23 (Join), 2013

Therapy No. 24 (Reverie)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 24 (Reverie), 2013

Therapy No. 25 (Anticipation)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 25 (Anticipation), 2013

Therapy No. 29 (Persuasion)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 29 (Persuasion), 2013

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