Denise Bibro Fine Art is pleased to announce “Summer Selections,” a large group exhibition of gallery and invited guest artists of diverse mediums and genres.

Summer Selections

July 18 - August 10, 2013
Opens July 18, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


The Bean Eater

Audrey Ushenko, The Bean Eater,

Therapy No. 31 (Reverie)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 31 (Reverie), 2013


Linda Lippa, Subway, 2011

Timeline 1

Iona Fromboluti, Timeline 1, 2007

Untitled (NY02)

Johnny Madsen, Untitled (NY02), 2009

Dog Shakes #3

Douglas Wirls, Dog Shakes #3, 2009


John Hrehov, Underpass, 2009

Castle Keep

John Hrehov, Castle Keep, 2009


John Hrehov, Gate, 2009

Untitled (NY04)

Johnny Madsen, Untitled (NY04), 2009

Therapy No. 24 (Reverie)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 24 (Reverie), 2013

Therapy No. 25 (Anticipation)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 25 (Anticipation), 2013

Therapy No. 29 (Persuasion)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 29 (Persuasion), 2013

Dragon Sky

Lisa Dinhofer, Dragon Sky, 2006

Bugs on Parade, Spring Street

Lisa Dinhofer, Bugs on Parade, Spring Street, 2012

Cherries, Spring Street

Lisa Dinhofer, Cherries, Spring Street, 2011

Study for Timeline

Iona Fromboluti, Study for Timeline, 2004

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