Solos Revisited II

February 13 - March 29, 2014
Opens February 13, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Therapy No. 31 (Reverie)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 31 (Reverie), 2013

Therqapy No. 28 (Imagined)

Viviane Silvera, Therqapy No. 28 (Imagined), 2013


Nora Speyer, Summer, 2001

Trees, Branches, Bank, and Brook

Nora Speyer, Trees, Branches, Bank, and Brook, 2005

Foreign Traveler, Magnolias II

Iona Fromboluti, Foreign Traveler, Magnolias II, 2006

Table Top Debris II

Iona Fromboluti, Table Top Debris II, 1996


Linda Lippa, Carousel, 2010

In Natural Habitat

Audrey Ushenko, In Natural Habitat, 2000

Sun, Wind, and Snow

Audrey Ushenko, Sun, Wind, and Snow, 2011

Height & Depth

John Hrehov, Height & Depth, 1998

My Father's House

John Hrehov, My Father's House, 2007

The Hedge Between

John Hrehov, The Hedge Between, 1999

Passing Through

John Hrehov, Passing Through, 2000

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