Denise Bibro Fine Art in Chelsea is pleased to announce Krysia Woods’ first exhibition with the gallery, Fresh , running from May 1st through May 31st. Woods’ native Australian eastern coastline informs her fresh perspective on America’s north east coastline, given its dramatic differences in light, vegetation, and architecture.

The process of painting became a warming, meditative experience for Krysia, particularly after enduring this year’s harsh winter. The native Australian was out of her element in the freezing conditions, so she immersed herself in wonderful memories of summers in the United States, and translated her longing for similar times onto the canvas.

Woods’ touch of a fast drying medium, acrylic, lends to her process of quick movement—-one creative moment to the next. She layers her works, developing rich under painting and depth to the cool colors seen on first inspection. The surfaces are varied depending on the light source of the day and moment. Woods’ mission is to bring an immediate connection to the memory of a feeling while simultaneously incorporating an element of the unexpected.

Krysia’s charisma, and versatile career path of pharmacist, actress, television presenter, and artist has landed her on covers of numerous magazines and newspapers. Her paintings have been featured in House and Garden, and Australian Artist to name a few.

While still living in her native Australia, she became the first Australian artist to be contracted by America’s largest gallery group, The Wentworth Gallery. Her works sold throughout the U.S. After moving to the U.S. permanently, she exhibited her work in New York, Florida, and California.


Krysia Woods
May 1 - May 31, 2014
Opens May 1, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Beach House

Krysia Woods, Beach House, 2013-14

Yellow Meadow

Krysia Woods, Yellow Meadow, 2013-14


Krysia Woods, Mosaic, 2013-14


Krysia Woods, Floating, 2013-14

Hampton Lane

Krysia Woods, Hampton Lane, 2013-14


Krysia Woods, Prism, 2013-14

Distant Shore

Krysia Woods, Distant Shore, 2013-14

Summer's Path

Krysia Woods, Summer's Path, 2013-14

Beach Day

Krysia Woods, Beach Day, 2013-14

Morning Catch

Krysia Woods, Morning Catch, 2013-14


Krysia Woods, Miacomet, 2014


Krysia Woods, Summertime, 2014

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