Karla Wozniak, Best in Show, R.C. Baker, Village Voice

Karla Wozniak

Wozniak transforms the blanched banality of suburban sprawl into beautifully bedraggled vistas. The electrical tower in 2007’s “Fireworks, I80, IN,” has first been swiped with a rusty stroke of watercolor, then the paper has been rubbed raw, implying Midwestern heat, dust, and ennui. Her deft touch with materials is also evident in the oil painting “WACK, Los Angeles, CA,” where thin sweeps of orange that mimic L.A.’s petrochemical haze drip onto a diamond-shaped schmear of yellow surrounding a black stick-figure pedestrian. Denise Bibro, 529 W 20th, 212-647-7030. Through March 1.

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